VIDEO – Busy Bank Hoiday causes gridlock for Brid

After fabulous weather brought tourists flooding into Bridlington, the only shadow cast over the Bank Holiday weekend was the traffic congestion as people started to make their way home on Monday afternoon.

Between about 4pm and 8pm traffic crept along, sometimes at a virtual standstill as the roads gridlocked. Many drivers turned round and tried to find alternate routes, whilst others gave up altogether.

A gridlocked St John's Street at 5pm on May Day Bank Holiday Monday.

A gridlocked St John's Street at 5pm on May Day Bank Holiday Monday.

Bob Hillery said: “My son tried to leave at about 5 o’clock to go to Driffield but gave up and came back. He tried again at 7.15pm but it was still bad, and he ended up staying overnight.

“Having no good road links is always a problem and we’re a rural area, so we’ve also got things like tractors and muck-spreaders.

“I know we need them, they’re important, but they can block the roads. Other than having a dual carriageway, or more passing places, it’s hard to see what can be done.

“But the fact that we had so many visitors is a good thing, the traffic was the only problem and everything else was wonderful.”

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said that no specific incident had caused the congestion, which appeared to be simply the result of the high volume of traffic as people took full advantage of the sunshine to come to the coast.