VIDEO: Bridlington Scooter Rally

The Bridlington Scooter Rally, now a firm favourite with riders across the country, took place at Bridlington Spa over the weekend with over 3,000 riders flocking to the town.

The Bridlington event is the second largest in the UK after the Isle of Wight rally, and is the venue for the British Scooter Rallies Association’s AGM and trade show.

Bridlington Scooter Rally.'NBFP PA1343-17h

Bridlington Scooter Rally.'NBFP PA1343-17h

Event co-ordinator Steve Foster, said: “We were very lucky with the weather, I think God must have been smiling on us.

“We held our first scooter rally in Bridlington in 1990 and it’s our big end of year event that everyone looks forward to, maybe it’s something in the water.

“We had some fantastic entertainment at the Spa, with a lot of reggae, northern soul and indie music as well as a performance fromt the The Complete Stone Roses.

“It was great to see all the custom scooters there as well, we had some going for a 50s retro look and some were even steampunk themed. There’s an awful lot you can do with a scooter, lots of panelling that you don’t get on a motorbike.

“I’d like to thank the Spa for looking after us so well.”

Photographer Paul Atkinson was on the scene and took this video.