VIDEO: Bridlington Hospital’s £444k new delivery

Onlookers watched on as a large, new standby generator worth nearly half a million pounds was delivered to Bridlington Hospital last week.

On Friday September 20, the 20-tonne piece of equipment was transported to the hospital in Bessingby Road, and is now set to be installed.

Bridlington Hospital-'New Generator being lifted in to place-'NBFPPA1338-15c

Bridlington Hospital-'New Generator being lifted in to place-'NBFPPA1338-15c

The impressive machine will cost the York Foundation NHS Trust around £444,000 plus VAT .

The costing takes into account the contract value for the supply of the generator itself and the works associated with its installation, along with costs for commissioning the machine.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “It provides a power supply to the hospital in the event of an emergency that affects the main electricity supply to the site.

“The generator is used to provide a back-up power supply to Bridlington Hospital in the event that the mains electrical supply should fail.

“When not in use as a provider of emergency back-up electrical supplies to the hospital, the generator is designed to be used to remove the hospital from the National Grid at times of peak demand on their infrastructure, which not only benefits the National Grid infrastructure but also generates benefits for the Trust.”

The standby generator is capable of supplying back-up power to the entire hospital in the event of an emergency.

It will be located at the Bessingby Road end of the hospital site.

The costly investment is needed because the current generator is nearing the end of its working life, and it is important the hospital has back-up power in case of an emergency.

The investment has been funded by the York NHS Trust.

The generator is a containerised unit, weighing in at over 20 tonnes.

The main contractor on the project is Simpson (York) Ltd, while the generator itself has been provided by Scarborough company, Dale Power Solutions.

The York NHS Trust spokesperson said that installation work is continuing at the hospital site.