VIDEO: Bridlington boat salvage attempt fails

An attempt to salvage stricken Bridlington fishing trawler the Serene ended in failure after a flotation bag fitted to the vessel burst.

The Serene beached only 150 metres off Bridlington’s south pier on Tuesday, and earlier today salvage teams from Hull joined the skipper and crew in fitting large bags of compressed air to the boat to allow it to be floated at high tide.

Bridlington boat the Lisa Jane tried to tow the Serene back to harbour at around 4pm, but after a protracted salvage attempt, the effort was abandoned after one of the large air bags burst.

Skipper Clint Bycroft said that a piece of sharp metal near the wheelhousing had punctured the bag, scuppering hopes of refloating the boat and towing it into harbour for assessment and repair.

It is believed that the boat will remain stranded off south pier tonight.

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