VIDEO: Big clean-up in Bridlington before tourist season

An intensive three-day clean up operation to prepare Bridlington for the summer season got underway this week.

A huge amount of council resources have been devoted to the town, with council clean up teams descending upon the Old Town on Tuesday, Windsor Gardens on Wednesday and are due to concentrate on the Trinity Road area and town centre today.

Big clean up around Bridlington.

Big clean up around Bridlington.

The work has included cleaning the streets and gullies, speaking with landlords about empty properties, getting tenants and landlords to clean the frontages of their homes and checking street lighting.

Lamp posts, street furniture and seating have been repainted, graffiti has been removed and damaged litter bins and road signs have been replaced.

Organisers of the big clear up hope that the initiative may lead communities to take ownership or their area once they have been improved.

Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE, leader of the council, said: “This three-day project is just one of many that are going on all around Bridlington.

“They include the reconstruction of Olinda Road starting in September and the highways improvements to Garrison Street, Cliff Street, Price Street and Long Lane.

“The next big road scheme will be the start of the £7million Integrated Transport Plan which will boost future economic growth. It will also reduce congestion and improve parking. The scheme is still being worked on but I will be announcing the start date as soon as possible.

“In the next few weeks, the work on Sewerby Hall will be complete. This £3million investment gives Bridlington one of the country’s top Grade I listed historic houses furnished with exhibits from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The opening will be around early August, but I will announce the date in the next week or so.

“One of the most visible projects is the new Leisure World which we will see rising from its foundations from early autumn onwards. At the moment, archaeologists are still digging up some amazing finds, which will be on show from 18 July.”