VIDEO: Beached Bridlington boat Serene broken up

Beached fishing trawler Serene was being broken up this afternoon (Saturday April 13) after a failed salvage attempt yesterday.

The Serene’s skipper and crew, as well as other fishermen from Bridlington Harbour, began stripping the vessel at low tide this morning, with the mast, wheel housing and exhaust amongst those things to be removed.

Salvage crews had joined the crew yesterday morning to try and refloat Serene, using large bags of compressed air.

The plan had been to tow the vessel back into Bridlington Harbour, but after a one of the floatation bags burst the attempt was abandoned. It is believed that another attempt was also made last night.

Once stripped, the boat’s hull - which had filled with sand after the vessel was overcame with water on Tuesday afternoon - will be broken up and removed from the beach.

The Serene had ran into trouble on Tuesday, when it hit a sandbank and ran aground just 150 metres off Bridlington’s south pier.

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