VIDEO: 40ft tree crashed onto Bridlington house after high winds

A 40ft tree uprooted and fell onto two houses after strong winds ripped through Bridlington on Wednesday evening.

The two houses which bore the brunt of the fallen tree, on North Back Lane, are believed to have been empty and awaiting tenants to move in.

Geoffrey Hall lives two doors down from the empty properties. His daughter, Julie Burnell, lives between him and the empty properties, and knocked on his door at around 9.15pm on Wednesday to tell him what had happened.

“We just heard a rumbling, we knew it was windy but it wasn’t a huge noise. It just sounded like thunder,” said Mr Hall, who has lived at the property for around 20 years with his wife Anne.

“My daughter came out and knocked on our door, she is right next door to it. We went out and had a look, and saw what had happened. Thankfully, we don’t think her house is too badly damaged. There may be a few loose roof tiles when they take the tree down, but for now, it seems like she’s been fairly lucky.

“The lady who owns the properties the tree fell on rang up last night and asked how she was which was very nice.”

A team from East Riding on Yorkshire Council visited the scene last night, but the high winds prevented them from operating a cherry picker to begin to chop branches off and remove the tree. They returned early on Thursday morning, and a crane was set to arrive on Thursday lunchtime.

And Mr Hall said he had never seen anything like it.

“The tree was struck by lightning about eight years ago, and there was a big split in it down the back. The council came to have a look at it and said it was fine and it still bloomed with leaves every year,” he continued.

“The only other piece of drama I can remember was when there was some trees out on the green and a cat got stuck up them for hours. But they’re long gone now.”

Trees also came down at Shaftesbury Road and another on the West Hill estate.