Vets launch community initiative to tackle kennel cough among dogs

Heathy dogs are active dogs
Heathy dogs are active dogs

Aldgate Vets is teaming up with the Driffield and Bridlington communities this month to deliver information and advice on kennel cough.

As part of its ‘Kennel Cough Awareness Month’, on Tuesday 25th February, staff from Aldgate Vets met with owners and staff from local kennels, dog groomers and breeders to discuss initiatives for promoting knowledge of kennel cough amongst the dog-owning public, with the ultimate goal of the effort to encourage more people to have their dogs vaccinated against the disease.

Contrary to what the name suggests, kennel cough is not solely contracted when dogs are in kennels. In fact, the infection can be spread from dog to dog in a variety of situations, such as going to the groomers, when they are out on walks or even during visits to the vet.

Caused by a cocktail of bacteria and viruses, symptoms of kennel cough can vary in severity. Some dogs may escape with simply weeping eyes, a runny nose and a short-lived cough, whilst others can suffer from an extremely debilitating, hacking cough that can last for months.

Last year, Aldgate Veterinary Practice saw a large number of kennel cough cases over the summer and autumn seasons, as David Helliwell, director at the practice, explains:

“The summer period always seems to bring about an increased number of kennel cough cases, mainly down to dogs spending time in kennels whilst their owners are on their summer holidays. To encourage our clients to take preventative measures and get their dog vaccinated ahead of its kennel stay, we will be reducing the cost of the vaccination to just £10 during March and April.”

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