VE celebrations for Bay Primary School

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BAY Primary School pupils marked the culmination of their World War Two studies by stepping back in time to celebrate VE Day.

Classes 3/4JC and 4LG have been learning about life during the war through a range of activities, including a visit to Eden Camp, creating a blackout in their classroom, building Anderson shelters, making Union Jack flags and writing newspaper reports about evacuation.

Their hard work was rewarded with a recreation of an outdoor VE party to celebrate the end of the war.

Teacher Liz Boynton said: “Pupils paired up to have a go at swing dancing and sang songs from the era, including ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

“They all dressed up in costumes from the period and ate food that may have been eaten at a VE party in 1945.

“Many thanks to Mrs Welch who brought us our own VE cake. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”