‘Urgent improvements’ needed at Brid care home

A BRIDLINGTON care home has been criticised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for failing to protect the safety and welfare of its residents.

The regulator has demanded an immediate improvement at Victoria Court care home on Victoria Road and will be making another inspection in the near future to check that progress is being made.

Following an unannounced inspection in November the commission found Victoria Court, which cares for people with mental health issues, was failing to meet government standards, criticising the lack of detail kept about residents’ individual needs and a lack of involvement from residents in decisions about treatment options.

It also raised issues about assessments of sanctions imposed on residents at the 19-bed home.

However the commission’s conclusions have been condemned by Jayne Lindley, the registered care provider at Victoria Court.

“Rather than working constructively with me, to deal with some minor paperwork and ‘red tape’ issues, the CQC has chosen to take a sledgehammer to crack a nut,” she said.

“I do not recognise the home the CQC describes. Everyone involved in Victoria Court knows that it is a very good home, with high standards of care.

“If the CQC had taken the time to see the standards of care provided, and ask the residents and their relatives, they too would see that it is a good home. Instead they chose to look only at paperwork – and base their conclusions on that.”

Jo Dent, Regional Director of CQC in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, said: “The law says that these are the standards that everyone should be able to expect. Providers have a duty to ensure they are compliant.”