UPDATE: Police investigate attack on Santa's sleigh

Round Table volunteers out with Santa's sleigh last year.
Round Table volunteers out with Santa's sleigh last year.

Police have appealed for anyone who saw the attack on members of Bridlington Round Table to come forward.

The organisation's volunteers claim they were abused and spat at, collecting money for local charities as part of their annual Santa's Sleigh tour last night.

It happened in the Gypsey Road area of Bridlington, and members posted details of the incident on Facebook.

Police say the social media comments have been brought to their attention and they want witnesses to contact the Bridlington Communities Team by calling 101 or going to the front desk at Bridlington Police Station.

Read about the attack, by clicking here.

A spokesman for the Round Table thanked members the public who had offered support to the group.

He said: "It’s truly heart warming to read all your comments over the social media sites and private messages to our members.

"Each volunteer and member did an amazing job last night put on a brave face and finished the route.

"I can honestly say I witnessed a lot of disgusting behaviour towards our members and volunteers but there’s only so much you can do when you are outnumbered.

"I will clarify that there where loads of parents and children on the estate who came out, supported us and enjoyed some festive fun. But it was the small majority of people/youngsters who did spoil it.

"I hope we don’t have to re-look at this route or have to look at measures of security for a charity fund raising event to guard us in our local community.

"For the people who made our night and supported and believed in Santa around the estate we thank you. For the people who ruined it, you know who you are. I really hope you haven’t spoilt it for your community."