UPDATE: Bridlington escapes flooding after morning’s high tide

Bridlington harbour
Bridlington harbour

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has operational teams to Bridlington ahead of this afternoon’s high tide.

Staff, vehicles and equipment, including sandbags and pumps, have been deployed to the harbour area, with further resources on standby at the council’s depots.

This morning’s high tides in the East Riding have passed without incident. The council will continue working alongside its partner agencies and is now preparing for this evening’s high tide which could still result in overtopping and localised flooding.

Dave Morley, head of customer services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “In anticipation of today’s high spring tides, the council put contingency plans in place and is continuing to make preparations in support of the Environment Agency and Met Office forecasts.

“The high spring tides could result in overtopping and localised flooding along the Holderness Coast and on the banks of the Humber.

“Pumping equipment has been sent to locations identified as being at risk of flooding and sandbags are being targeted by operational teams to areas most likely to be affected. These shall not be issued on a general basis.

“In the event of any flooding, we would urge people not to go into flood water – either on foot or in vehicles. It can be dangerous and unpredictable.

“We also urge people who live near the coast not to go to watch the waves. It may look good but it’s extremely dangerous and can sweep people and even vehicles into the sea.

“Please be sensible, take extra care over the next 24 hours and remain vigilant.”