Unique features at Coach House Bistro

Funny Onion owner Robert Redshaw is pictured in the renovated Coach House Bistro.
Funny Onion owner Robert Redshaw is pictured in the renovated Coach House Bistro.

A year-long restoration of the original Victorian coach house at The Funny Onion on Hilderthorpe Road is now complete, creating a new and unique dining experience.

The restoration has maintained elements from the original use of the building, including a vertical solid wood ladder used to access the hayloft and a very rare intact copper – used to boil water over a coal-fired stove.

The new restaurant has been named ‘The Coach House Bistro’ and has kept the original cobbled flooring from the days when horses were stabled there.

The coach house was part of the original Victorian hotel dating from around 1892 when the Station Hotel was first built.

Owner Robert Redshaw said: “We first renovated the pub five-six years back now to become more of a family friendly restaurant and we have used the coach house as an ancillary space ever since.

“However many of its original features were still intact so it was a shame not to showcase the features in some way to the public as its something no-one will have seen in decades.

“The copper is basically a iron or copper cauldron used to boil water over a coal fired stove.

“These were common place in Victorian houses but they were bulky and the vast majority have been taken out as they are long since redundant. Somehow ours has remained in situ for more than 120 years.”

Head chef Martyn Shaw, who formerly ran the award-winning restaurant The Dining Room in Driffield, has created a unique menu centered on the wood fired oven.

Martyn said: “We had the idea of doing a wood-fired Pizza place to create high quality artisan pizza but also wanted to do some other dishes that made use of the oven.

“The dough is all hand-made and stretched so its as authentic as you can get, and while its something like a fine-dining experience, its equally casual and informal too. Its really a unique atmosphere. On Sundays we are even doing a Sunday lunch with a mouth-watering slow cooked joint.”