Two sacked: ‘serious mistakes were made’

Alison Michalska
Alison Michalska

TWO senior managers from East Riding council’s Children’s Social Care team were dismissed due to mistakes made in protecting Child F from Adam Hewitt.

Alison Michalska, director of children, family, and adult services, apologised to the family of Child F for the council’s failure to protect the baby, and admitted “serious mistakes were made”.

A review into the assessment carried out by social workers on Hewitt before the sickening attacks on Child F, which left the baby with permanent brain damage, found that they “could have prevented” the attack.

Mrs Michalska said that the assessment carried out by the council was “blinkered and weak”, which has led to two managers being sacked.

Seven more social workers have been recruited by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, which according to Mrs Michalska, would “reduce the burden and pressure on social workers and reduce the risk of the same situation reoccurring.”

The seven new social workers will be working county-wide, but are “targeted where they are most needed.”

Mrs Michalska said: “We extend our sincere apologies to the family of Child F after this awful case, and on the back of the serious case review we have been conducting some bespoke management training to ensure that people know the standards required and are able to make better decisions about when cases are closed.

“It is about having the support in place, working together with other agencies effectively and making sure we try our best to prevent serious mistakes being made again.”

Mrs Michalska confirmed that Child F is still under local authority care.