Two projects - both £1.5m over original budget

An artist's impression of the station plaza area
An artist's impression of the station plaza area

Two of Bridlington’s major development projects will each cost £1.5million more than originally planned.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s multi-million pound town centre transport plan has been hit by ‘a number of challenges’ - which include huge problems with the underground drainage infrastructure and a delay to the start of work around the railway station.

Redeveloping the town hall will now cost �3million

Redeveloping the town hall will now cost �3million

Meanwhile the cost of redeveloping Bridlington Town Hall, to allow the Jobcentre to move into the building, has doubled from the initial estimates.

The figures were released in a report to the council’s cabinet on Tuesday.

Nigel Atkinson, head of Bridlington Renaissance, said the poor condition of the drainage system around Manor Street and Bridge Street had led to more work than planned.

He said: “Unfortunately, in some places, it has been in such a poor state of repair that it has been necessary to replace it. This has required further funds, which have been approved from the council’s identified reserve for regeneration work in Bridlington.”

Drainage problems in Bridge Street contributed to the increased cost

Drainage problems in Bridge Street contributed to the increased cost

Further costs have arisen because work has not yet started on the station plaza project, even though this time last year, the Free Press was told work should be finished by this autumn.

It will see a new one-way link road from Quay Road round the back of Tesco and a new station car park on the site of the former tyre business.

But negotiations with Network Rail are still ongoing.

Mr Atkinson said: “The council is in ongoing discussions with Network Rail and Northern Rail - who operate the station and local rail services - to secure the necessary legal agreements and engineering consents required to begin the main work on the site.

“Once these have been secured, the programme of works is anticipated to take around a year to complete and will greatly benefit the public travelling to and from the town by rail. Enabling work to operational rail boundaries was completed earlier this year.”

Tuesday’s report also said ‘additional desirable maintenance works that are required in the longer term’ at the nearby town hall would be undertaken as part of the development work, which will now cost £3million.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “Remodelling and refurbishing Bridlington Town Hall is an important part of the council’s plans to secure and enhance services in the town.

“The new space being created will bring a number of services under one roof, which will help save on operational and maintenance costs in the future.

“As a key part of Bridlington’s heritage, the council has a responsibility to preserve the town hall, which is a listed building, and has therefore sought additional funding via allocated reserves to ensure it is maintained.”