Two members leave association roles

Sylvia Wright and Andrew Warner
Sylvia Wright and Andrew Warner

Two Bridlington Tourism Association members say disagreements over Premier Inn did not cause them to step down from their posts.

Sylvia Wright, who was the Association’s secretary, and Andrew Warner, who was vice president, stepped down from the committee amid disagreements between some members over plans to build a new Premier Inn hotel at Beaconsfield Car Park.

But the pair, who have remained members, denied squabbling among members was the reason for their departure.

Sylvia Wright said: “I am not leaving because of the hotel. I have just had enough. I am upset with some of the members and the way they were treating me.

“When we first heard about Premier Inn was coming members were concerned. Then more information came through and then after speaking to Scarborough Hospitality Association they reassured us.”

It comes after Scarborough’s Association expressed concern before the arrival of a Premier Inn at Falconers Road. Bridlington Tourism Association had previously blasted the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, for plans to sell Beaconsfield Car Park, off Carlisle Road, to Premier Inn.

They said it would be deterimental to the existing guest houses in the town and would exacerbate parking problem.

“Personally I have no problem with Premier Inn coming to Bridlington. I think it’s really positive,” Sylvia continued.

“Bob Hillery has wanted a hotel in Bridlington for years.

“We would have loved a four star hotel that served the Spa, but that would only happen in an ideal world. The reality is we have a chance to have a Premier Inn to put Bridlington on the map.”

Andrew Warner however left the Association after being made the new chairman of Bridlington Renaissance, and said: “it didn’t feel appropriate” to remain on the Association’s Committee.

He added: “I don’t want to feed the flames of something which should be really good for Bridlington, and which is unfortunately beginning to look like it might not be.

“What I’m trying to say is I didn’t want to make any comments which will fan the flames of a situtation.”

Bob Hillery however, Chairman of the Tousism Association, confirmed there had been disagreements within the association, which “had caused an upset among the general membership.”

“It’s been a bit of a mess because of that,” he said. “90 per cent of members want Premier Inn, but not on that site [Beaconsfield Car Park]. It’s just caused a big upset.”

Mr Hillery also expressed anger with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who he claims have not kept organisations like the Tourism Assication properly informed.

“I have sat on committees with the Council,” he said.

“This was supposed to be a partnership and no one knows anything. We didn’t know Premier Inn was coming until it was published in the Free Press - that’s not partnership - it’s farcical.”

As if a Premier Inn coming to Bridlington was not enough for some Association members to worry about, now Travelodge have confirmed plans to build a large hotel in Bridlington.

Neither of the companies have submitted planning applications.