Turbines are refused over visual impact

The Planning Inspectorate has thrown out the two appeals
The Planning Inspectorate has thrown out the two appeals

Two applications to construct wind turbines near Bridlington have been turned down by the Planning Inspectorate after an appeal.

Two appeals were lodged against East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s decision to refuse permission to build two turbines at Barmston.

But the Planning Inspectorate dismissed them, because of the “impact the development would have on the character and visual amenity of the surrounding area”.

He added: “There are two significant wind farms in view from much of the immediate area.

“These are the 12 turbines at Lissett and the nine turbines at Fraisthorpe.

“Turning to visual amenity this site would be visible from a number of local public rights of way.”

The Inspectorate added that the turbines would add “visual and distracting clutter to the setting of Burton Agnes Hall, and that the setting is an important part of the significance of the property.

“The harm would be less than substantial, but even so carries great weight in the planning balance.

“There are also objections from other organisations and individuals in the area, though some do not object.

“For the reasons above I conclude that the appeal should be dismissed.”

Among those objecting was Jo Benson, of Goose Island Farm at Dringhoe, near Driffield.

She said: “I see no need to add any more turbines as these together with farm turbines are already causing severe accumulative impact.

“Since this application went to planning the landscape has changed with considerably more farm turbines in the locality.”