Tried to steal car

POLICE are looking for an intruder after a failed attempt to steal a Land Rover from a detached house near Fraisthorpe.

Around 2am on Wednesday the owner was woken by the dogs barking and the sound of a door closing.

When he looked out of the window he saw the family’s Land Rover Discovery, which had been locked and parked in the yard earlier in the evening, with its interior and side lights on.

He went out to check it and found it was unlocked and there was a man standing in the driveway who spoke to the owner then quickly ran off.

The owner then discovered the keys to the Land Rover had been taken.

Police believe an intruder entered the detached property through an insecure rear door and took the car keys to steal the vehicle.

Anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area at the time or who may have information about where the vehicle’s stolen key now is should contact Humberside Police on the non emergency number 101 quoting reference number 1876289.