Tributes to ‘loving family man’ with unique tattoos

Paul White from Bridlington, with tattooist Stuart Rollinson and  his unusual tattoo of a brain. Picture by Simon Kench
Paul White from Bridlington, with tattooist Stuart Rollinson and his unusual tattoo of a brain. Picture by Simon Kench

A SELFLESS and loving man who worshipped his family is how a wife has described her husband, who died suddenly at their home in Bridlington.

Paul White, 44, had attracted a lot of attention from people in Bridlington because of his unusual tattoos – including a bleeding brain on his scalp, a large eye on the back of his head and a monster down his spine.

His wife Jayne has described Paul as a loving family man who was devoted to her and their sons Kyle, 20, and Kieren, 15.

“He loved Bridlington, he loved me and loved his boys. He worshipped his family, there couldn’t have been a more loving family orientated man. I can’t emphasise enough how much he’s going to be missed.”

“He was the most selfless man I have ever known. He always, always put me and the boys first and he would do favours for neighbours, he was such a lovely guy,” Jane said.

And despite attracting the occasional comment or look from passers-by Jayne said he was incredibly proud to show off his unique tattoos, which were all created by Stuart Rollinson, of the Black Lantern Tattoo Studio, on Marshall Avenue.

“He loved them and was so proud. It just goes to prove that you can’t judge a book by its cover. He was a lovely guy,” she added.

The family’s world came crashing down in the early hours of Wednesday, January 9, when Jayne awoke to find Paul lying alongside her, with his arm across her.

But when she went to move him to get back into bed after visiting the toilet she realised his lips were blue and face was pale.

“Straight away I could see something was wrong. His skin was still warm, I just screamed for my eldest son to call 999 and get an ambulance. The first thing I thought was someone needs to come out, we are here on our own and we need to save him,” said Jayne, who has been taking prescription sedatives since the ordeal.

“I gave him mouth to mouth and started chest compressions as best as I could. I wouldn’t stop because I was terrified, upset, panicking,” she added.

Once the paramedics arrived at the family home on Burstall Hill they did all they could to save Paul during the 20-minute ordeal but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jayne said they had been going through a rough patch in their marriage and Paul had been drinking heavily in the run-up to his death. She suffers from medical chronic arthritis and various other conditions and Paul was her full-time carer.

Two weeks prior to his death Paul, who suffered from depression, had tried to take his own life with an overdose of Jayne’s sleeping pills.

Jayne told the Free Press that she thinks his death may have been the result of a cry for help.

“They believe it has been a cry for help and he’s toppled over without meaning to topple over and we just haven’t found him in time,” she said.

An inquest is due to be held in April.