Tributes paid to Bridlington’s daredevil Mabel

Mabel Swift MBE completed her last skydive aged 87 and had a fundraising pedigree that was second to none
Mabel Swift MBE completed her last skydive aged 87 and had a fundraising pedigree that was second to none

A daredevil ‘supergran’ who fundraised thousands and completed skydives well into her 80s has died aged 97.

Mabel Swift MBE has been described as a “remarkable and amazing lady” who lived life to the full.

The great great grandmother’s adrenaline- packed antics lead her to complete a total of 11 skydives, six abseils, and two bungee jumps for charitable causes.

In 2004, the parachuting pensioner, who’s fundraising pedigree was second to none, was awarded with an MBE in 2004 for her services to disabled people and the community.

She was a former chairman of the East Riding Council for the Disabled and first became involved when it was created in 1986.

Her fundraising efforts saw thousands raised for charitable causes but Mabel never counted.

Robbie said: “She was always stood outside Iceland or the Promenade come rain, sun, snow collection money for the Red Cross. She was 90-years-old and you couldn’t get her to come home. That’s the sort of woman she was. She’d do anything for anyone.

“Everyone knows Mabel, a lot of people will be sad to read that she’s gone. She is a part of history, there’s not many people quite like her.”

More than five decades ago, Mabel was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 40 and she had to have three operations.

But since her recovery she has taken on an array of challenges most wouldn’t dare attempt.

Great grandson Robbie Swift said: “I think she sort of realised you either live or you don’t and she had to get out there and live and experience new things.”

Born in 1920, Mrs Swift worked as a nurse during the Second World War.

Mabel had a huge family, including seven children, 11 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.

The daredevil, who was dubbed a ‘supergran’, celebrated her 78th birthday by taking flying lessons and piloting a plane from Leeds-Bradford Airport.

She first jumped out of a plane when she was 79 and she went on to do it ten more times up until the age of 87.

And she was a founding member of the Jumpers Over Eighty Society.

Robbie said: “The only thing she wanted to do and never got the chance was wing walking.

“Her doctor would never let her do it.

“I’ve decided to give it a go and raise money in her memory.”