Treats for tweets

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FEED the birds, and help them survive.

That’s the message from a Bridlington garden centre, which will be giving away bird food for our feathered friends.

Eastfield Garden Centre, in Easton Road, will be giving out the garden birds favourite snacks, fat balls, to visitors to the centre on Saturday, February 19.

They have 100 bags, each containing six fat balls, to hand out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Linda Wardlow, of Eastfield Garden Centre, said: “We gave away some free packs of wild bird seed in October to encourage people to feed garden birds.

“The free seed went really quickly, which shows that people are prepared to help but then in November and December we had some of the harshest weather we have ever seen and it will have taken a real toll on the birds.

“Now by giving away the fat balls we are hoping that people can help those birds that did survive and also help prepare them for any more really bad weather that may come along.

“Tasty treats like fat balls and seed mixes in birdfeeders or on bird tables can provide birds with the energy they need to survive the cold.”