Travellers leave Bridlington coach park a mess

Coach Park left in a mess by the Gypseys.'NBFP PA1349-3c
Coach Park left in a mess by the Gypseys.'NBFP PA1349-3c
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Travellers have moved on from Hilderthorpe Coach Park leaving in their wake mounds of rubbish and discarded items.

Nearly a month after travellers set up camp on the coach park, the vehicles and caravans moved off on the morning of Monday 2 December.

Piles of waste, bricks and large items have been discarded and the Free Press have also been informed that caravan toilets were emptied at the site.

Shelagh Finlay, East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor for Bridlington South Ward, said: “As a council we are trying our absolute upmost to resolve the issue.

“I really do find it distasteful that they do leave mess. We do go and do welfare visits and give them black bags, it is distasteful that they do not use the bin bags that they are given.

“It will be cleared up but then that is at cost.”

This is the fifth instance of travellers camping at sites in Bridlington since August.

A spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “A group of travellers located to Hilderthorpe Coach Park about two weeks ago. During this time, charges at the car park still applied and the council regularly monitored the situation while the relevant legal action was taken to move the group on.

“Following the serving of legal orders, the group has now vacated the site and the council is currently collecting bags of waste left for collection. The council can exercise powers to remove an unauthorised encampment from a specific piece of land but not from a wider area.”

When asked whether human waste was deposited at the site the council said it is “not aware of anything of that nature”.