Speed checks at hot-spot location

Bempton Lane
Bempton Lane

Free Press readers spoke...and the police listened.

After a report in our newspaper earlier this month about clamping down on speeding drivers in Queensgate, we asked on our Facebook page which street should be next on the list.

Officers read the comments posted by readers and took action.

A police spokesman told the Free Press: “Following your article a week or so ago concerning speed checks on Queensgate in Bridlington, where you asked the public where they would like to see speed checks, Bempton Lane was the most popular response.

“We had already been made aware of concerns on this road previously, so last Wednesday we carried two hours of speed checks.

“Several residents stopped to say thank you, and expressed fears for their children’s safety. Others stopped to request checks elsewhere.”

During the checks on Bempton Lane, one motorist was clocked driving at 48mph in the 30mph zone and was reported.

Around half-a-dozen others were spotted above the 35mph and were spoken to by special constables but ‘discretion was shown and drivers were allowed to proceed.”

The spokesman said: “Community officers attend sites highlighted by communities where there are serious safety concerns regarding vehicles travelling significantly in excess of the speed limit. They fit speed checks in between other community taskings and responding to crimes in progress.”