‘Roads should have an MoT each year’

Natalie Lee with her son Carter-James
Natalie Lee with her son Carter-James

A mum had a terrifying experience when her car hit a pothole and veered into the path of an oncoming vehicle, while her baby son was in the back seat.

Natalie Lee was returning home after shopping in Scarborough last Thursday when she hit the pothole on the A165, near to the Grindale junction.

The Free Press has been running a pothole campaign over the past couple of months

The Free Press has been running a pothole campaign over the past couple of months

She managed to regain control of her car and avoid a serious accident but was left shaken by the incident, which happened while she was with her partner David and their seven-month-old Carter-James.

She said: “We had been to Scarborough to pick up a new mobile phone and were just coming back into Bridlington.

“The car pulled off to the right and I nearly flew into another car head-on.

“I was so upset I had to leave work early that night because I just wanted to see my little boy and all I could think about was how we could have hit that car head-on.”

The pothole was 6ft long, more than 2ft wide and five inches deep, Natalie said.

She reported it to the council and it was repaired the following day, but she understands a report about that particular pothole had been made a week earlier.

“We only live about five minutes away so we managed to limp home,” Natalie said.

The cost of repairing her car was £65, less than some other drivers have been left to fork out after pothole damage.

She added: “We have to get an MoT every year to prove our cars are roadworthy so why can’t we have the same thing for the roads? What is it going to take for something to be done? That road is so busy.”

Last week the Free Press reported on a new Facebook group which has been set up to encourage motorists to report dangerous potholes through the official channels and attracted more than 1,000 members in its first weekend.

Potholes can be reported to East Riding of Yorkshire Council by calling 01482 393939 or visiting the council’s website.

The council has said its ‘resources are limited and have been stretched over recent months’ but it ordered work to be carried out on 470 potholes in Bridlington in the first two weeks of April.