Nine reasons to block plans

East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants this car park to become the new coach park
East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants this car park to become the new coach park

Plans to move Bridlington’s coach park to a scenic location on the clifftops have suffered a blow after the town council said it strongly objected to the idea.

It said that the strength of feeling against the proposals from people living in the town means it cannot support the scheme.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants to relocate parking facilities for visiting coaches from Hilderthorpe Road to an existing car park in Limekiln Lane,

But as part of the consultation process, Bridlington Town Council has given a formal response which lists nine reasons why it wants the plan stopped.

○ unsuitable location when there are other locations that can accommodate such a proposal

○ unnecessary destruction of a place of natural beauty on the Heritage Coastline

○ unnecessary noise and air pollution for the whole of Bridlington and particularly for the residential areas on-route and at proposed location which is an unnecessarily huge carbon footprint

○ bus route affects the safety of the Way of the Roses for cyclists which would ensure that the completion of the Way of the Roses is nothing other than dangerous for all concerned as the roads cannot accommodate such large vehicles and the safety of cyclists which will also negatively impact on Bridlington for this element of tourism alone

○ additional traffic in areas of Bridlington that cannot accommodate such large vehicles and that are at a standstill during the summer and at best heavily congested most of the time

○ huge safety issues with the buses being routed unnecessarily past three schools in Bridlington

○ negative impact on the residential areas of Bridlington on-route and a huge detrimental impact to the residential areas on the seafront north of Bridlington with the potential devaluation of these properties

○ large petition from Bridlington residents opposing the application and the Town Council supports the people of Bridlington

○ proposals will not improve or support tourism in Bridlington and will only serve to destroy a natural and beautiful area of the town.

East Riding Council has previously said it picked Limekiln Lane because the car park is used so little, and it claimed the route to the site has been tested and many of the roads are already on bus routes.

It expects 12 coaches to use the facilities on average during the summer months and said this will be an ‘insignificant number of traffic movements’.

The consultation period is open until mid-July.