Mixed response to one-way changes

Bridlingtons new one way traffic system.
Bridlingtons new one way traffic system.

Changes to the one-way system in Bridlington town centre have been met with a mixed response from drivers.

There have been reports of several near-misses after alterations to Bridge Street and Manor Street, but council leaders are confident motorists will soon find long-term benefits.

Some drivers have not yet got used to the new system.

Some drivers have not yet got used to the new system.

The new system was introduced overnight last Tuesday and Nigel Atkinson, head of Bridlington Renaissance, admitted it had taken some drivers off guard.

He said: “If you suddenly run into a vista of cones that you weren’t expecting and a number of new traffic signs, it can sometimes take a while to sink in.

“I know one or two people who I have met have said ‘I nearly went the wrong way’ but drivers have to be vigilant and expect the unexpected, as you should anywhere 
as a driver.”

He insisted that council teams were keeping a close eye on the new systems, and making adjustments where problems were spotted.

Pictures by Paul Atkinson

Pictures by Paul Atkinson

With work ongoing near New Burlington Road, all vehicles coming out of Tesco have been made to turn left and then head up Springfield Avenue, but that led to a backlog of traffic.

The timings of the lights were altered at the junction with Quay Road to allow more cars through each time.

“What we have been doing is trying to fine tune things as best we can, as a result of our observations we have been making and the comments we have received,” said Mr Atkinson.

“We are keeping everything under surveillance.”

A map of how the new one-way system operates.

A map of how the new one-way system operates.

One of the main aims of the changes is to stop all town centre traffic having to use Chapel Street, which regularly became congested.

“It is all connected to the general road infrastructure in the town centre and our plans to develop the harbour and the marina long-term.

“It is tied in with Hilderthorpe Road becoming a principal route into town, and Beck Hill, where the new bridge is coming along well at the minute, being used to take traffic from south to north.

“The one-way system in Bridge and Manor Street is about making it a better town centre environment for shoppers and keeping traffic flowing.

“Manor Street will alleviate some of the traffic which previously had to go down 
Chapel Street.

“In terms of promotion, I suppose we could have got something out over Christmas and New Year, but we sent newsletters to local businesses and promoted it on the renaissance website, saying changes would be effective from January 4.

“Whatever you do in advance, you can’t reach every single driver who will be going through that area.”

He also insisted access to all businesses in the affected areas was unaffected.