Man rescued after yacht runs aground off Flamborough

Flamborough Head
Flamborough Head

A man was rescued after his yacht ran aground at Flamborough Head in the early hours of the morning.

Coastguard teams from Bridlington and Filey used ropes to pull him up the cliffs, because Flamborough Lifeboat was unable to get close enough to the shore to reach him.

Teams received a Mayday call shortly after midnight, saying the boat was taking on water.

The single-crewed yacht was resting on its double keel and upright. The crewman was removed from the yacht while a damage assessment was undertaken.

He was taken up the cliff by a technician and placed in a warm vehicle and other than been slightly cold, no medical treatment was required.

Nearing the end of the incident, the lifeboat could get close enough to get a line on the yacht. Unfortunately due to the swell and water on board the yacht capsized.

Coastguard rescue teams have been back to the scene this morning to assess the damage but there was only a small section of the keel visible and no signs of pollution.

A spokesman for Humber Coastguard said: "We would encourage mariners to be aware that they have the competence and equipment needed to safely complete their journeys."