Lifeboat crew’s warning

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A FATHER and son were rescued by Bridlington lifeboat crews after their kayak type boats got into trouble in strong winds.

Both Bridlington lifeboats were launched at 11am on Saturday to rescue the pair who were being blown between half a mile and a mile off Barmston beach.

A 10-year-old boy had abandoned his kayak and was clinging to the side of his father’s craft as he tried to paddle it back to the beach against gusting offshore winds.

The inshore lifeboat crew of Pete Jones and Jason Stephenson with helmsman Grant Walkington got the young boy into their boat and wrapped him up against the cold wind and brought him and his father plus one kayak back to the shore. The other which had been blown around three miles off shore had to be retrieved by the offshore lifeboat.

Inshore lifeboat helmsman Grant Walkington said: “The pair, from Strensall, York, were both well equipped with wet suits, helmets and lifejackets but the wind caught them out, the young lad just could not get back in his boat and his dad was unable to help him “.

Andy Brompton of Bridlington lifeboat said anyone taking to the sea should always keep an eye on windy weather. “Most people look at the rough sea but during the years we have several days when there are strong offshore winds.

“This incident shows it is not just inflatables or lilos which can get blown out to sea, and it can all happen very quickly.”

Gusting offshore winds also saw the inshore boat being called out to another father and son incident around 1.30pm off Bridlington on Sunday after the boy’s sail board was repeatedly blown down by the winds. The boy, from Ossett near Wakefield, was taken ashore.