Daily bus services to villages to stop next month

The 504 bus runs every day except Sunday at present, but from next month will be slashed to just three day a week.
The 504 bus runs every day except Sunday at present, but from next month will be slashed to just three day a week.

Bempton and Buckton will only be served by buses three times a week from next month - with no weekend and evening services at all.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been working to organise alternative transport after East Yorkshire Motor Services took the commercial decision last month to cancel its Service 504 bus from Friday, May 4.

Buses at Bridlington bus station

Buses at Bridlington bus station

At present, the EYMS 504 route, operates hourly Monday to Saturday, with eight return journeys per day.

There is also the council's 502 service, which runs from Bridlington To Flamborough, Bempton and Buckton, from 5.15pm to 11pm every day except Sunday.

But that is being scrapped and the new timetables will see just two return trips to Bempton and Buckton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Cllr John Barrett, the council’s portfolio holder for operational services said: “The council has stepped in to try to make sure residents on these routes are not left without transport.

“We recognise that trading conditions and the cost of operating bus services are extremely difficult at the moment.

“The replacement services may mean passengers travelling at slightly different times, or different days, but our transport officers have worked hard to minimise disruption to local residents, given the financial constraints councils are working under.”

The council had originally sought tenders from local bus operators to provide a replacement service, but the council will now be running the service itself from May 9.

As the council is now funding a daytime service, it said it will no longer be able to continue funding the evening 502 service.

The new 504 service will see buses leave Bempton at 9.30am and 11.30am, with return journeys leaving Bridlington bus station at 11am and 1pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

EYMS has announced major changes to all its Bridlington routes, starting next month. See details here
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