Councillor hits out at coach park decision

Protestors outside County hall. Picture by Cllr Shelagh Finlay
Protestors outside County hall. Picture by Cllr Shelagh Finlay

A Bridlington councillor has said her colleagues should have taken a bus ride around Bridlington to see problems for themselves, before agreeing the town’s coach park could be relocated.

Cllr Shelagh Finlay went to the planning meeting in Beverley to show her support for the campaigners who had protested against plans to move the park from Hilderthorpe Road to Limekiln Lane.

Campaigners formed the Keep Limekiln Green group

Campaigners formed the Keep Limekiln Green group

She said: “I was extremely disappointed for the campaigners who worked tirelessly to try to persuade the planning committee to refuse this application for a myriad of reasons.

“The campaigners spokestrongly at the meeting as did the objecting councillors.

“I was disappointed that the councillors who propsed a site visit to enable the committee to be more informed on the issues relating to this application were voted down and that approval was given, despite the views of so many residents and visitors to Bridlington.”

Cllr Finlay said she had been very concerned about potential traffic congestion and pollution if the coach park was moved from the town centre to the clifftops.

This is where the coach park will move to

This is where the coach park will move to

She also suggested that if the current site in Hilderthorpe Road is sold, a small area for 15 or 20 coaches could have been kept for coaches, and that would have been welcomed if shops were built on the site, rather than houses.

However, she felt the council was ‘determined that the coach park would be declared surplus to requirements’, even though there has been such public opposition to plans to make Limekiln Lane the new site.

“These coaches have to start their engines 20 minutes before they set off, and it will be in an area where people go for fresh air,” she added.

Cllr Finlay said that at this afternoon’s meeting, Bridlington councillor Chris Matthews spoke to try to persuade councillors to make a site visit before a final decision was made.

However, another Bridlington representative Cllr Richard Burton, the council’s portfolio holder for tourism, spoke in favour of the move.

The committee voted by nine to three to approve the plans. The only Bridlington councillor who was eligible to vote, Cllr Margaret Chadwick voted in favour of the idea.