Council team is working hard to repair potholes

Facts and figures from East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Facts and figures from East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding of Yorkshire Council told the Free Press it spends around £600,000 per year repairing more than 25,000 potholes.

“Repairing them is a year-round operation for our highways maintenance team, which has a range of repair methods to suit the location, time of year and temperature,” a spokesman said.

“Our highways maintenance team is working hard to repair these potholes. We strive to complete permanent pothole repairs in one visit, however this is not always possible due to factors such as weather and traffic.

“If a resurfacing programme is planned for that particular road we may carry out a temporary repair until the permanent work can be carried out in better weather conditions. We also have an emergency team which is available round the clock to repair dangerous potholes when required.

“All roads are subject to regular safety inspections during which any defects that present a danger or serious inconvenience to road users are identified for repair.

“Residents can also report potholes to us via the council’s website - just search for ‘potholes’ and fill in the form online.

“We have a huge programme of surface dressing works which take place every year from May to mid-August every year, covering 650,000 square metres of road across the East Riding, the equivalent of 70 miles of continuous road.

“Last year the council spent £2.35million on the surface dressing programme. Roads were resurfaced at 160 sites in all corners of the East Riding, from major routes to rural and residential areas, and around 15,000 tonnes of stone chippings were laid.

“This process is highly effective and helps to seal the road to prevent the water damage which is the primary cause of potholes, improves skid resistance and helps prolong the life of the road.”