Coach park move is ‘absolutely barmy’

Thelma and Malcolm Milns
Thelma and Malcolm Milns

More councillors have spoken out against the proposed move of Bridlington coach park to the clifftops.

Husband-and-wife councillors Malcolm and Thelma Milns were at yesterday’s planning meeting in Beverley, when a committee voted to give planning permission to use the Limekiln Lane car park as a base for coaches, once they have dropped off day-trippers in town.

The clifftops at Limekiln Lane.

The clifftops at Limekiln Lane.

The idea was passed by nine votes to three, despite vocal opposition from Bridlington Town Council, Sewerby Residents Association and Bridlington Civic Society.

Hundreds of residents signed petitions of wrote objection letters, but their efforts fell on deaf ears, to the disgust of the Milns.

Malcolm said: “There were people in tears when the decision was announced.

“It felt as though they might as well have not bothered because there were some ridiculous comments.

“I’m absolutely gutted. East Riding of Yorkshire Council want Hilderthorpe Road for commercial reasons, but there is still room for a coach park given the numbers of coaches that come.

“People know where it is, it’s handy for the town centre and the harbour, and the area round the railway station is designed as a transport hub, but they are moving the park and ride away from here. It is absolutely barmy.

“The protests have been a waste of time, sadly. We knew that before we left home but they had been cheered by the fact the town council had supported them.

“I’m a strong believer in democracy, however, we were all totally ignored.”

Read East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s reaction to the decision here.