Coach park: even the drivers oppose move

Councillors voted in favour of moving the coach park to the clifftops at Limekiln Lane despite public opposition
Councillors voted in favour of moving the coach park to the clifftops at Limekiln Lane despite public opposition

One of the main opponents of plans to move Bridlington’s coach park to the clifftops says the recent Bank Holiday weekend proves the resort needs more car parking spaces more urgently than a new facility for buses.

David Dawson, chairman of the Sewerby Village Residents Association, spoke to coach drivers who were in Bridlington at the end of last month and said many were so worried about delays and congestion caused by the proposed new site they may look to go to other towns.

Mr Dawson told the Free Press: “We were told repeatedly at Regeneration Meetings that coach drivers would not come to Bridlington unless an attractive site such as Limekiln Lane was made available to park up their 
empty coaches.

“This would appear not to be the case.

“I carried out my own survey during the Bank Holiday weekend and spoke to all the coach drivers who parked up in Hilderthorpe Coach Park.

“A total of 22 coaches came and parked, five on the Saturday, 12 on the Sunday and five on the Monday.

“That’s an average of seven a day. Almost all expressed concerns about delays and congestion crossing the town to Limekiln Lane.

“Several were concerned that this would add to their permitted driving time.”

Moving the coach park from Hilderthorpe Road to Limekiln Lane proved hugely controversial, but despite hundreds of signatures on petitions and dozens of letters of objection, the plan was approved by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s planning committee last month.

Mr Dawson said drivers were worried dropping off and picking up passengers in the limited space at the harbour top, feeling that 10 minutes is not enough to load and unload pushchairs and wheelchairs on to their coaches.

“Five tour operators were mindful of leaving out Bridlington and going on to Scarborough instead,” claimed Mr Dawson.

“Bridlingon was extremely busy on all three days yet only 22 coaches came to stay, park up and pay the council fee.

“Hardly justification for building a new coach park of some 30 spaces costing £1,000,000 that will barely be used.

“What this weekend has shown is that Bridlington needs more car parking spaces rather than coach ones.”

East Riding Council has said it has looked at alternative sites but Limekiln Lane was deemed to be the most appropriate.