Bridlington crew save woman who fell in harbour while looking for dolphins

Gypsey Race

The crew of Bridlington’s £1.1m dredger have been hailed as life-savers after rescuing a woman who had fallen into the water while taking photographs.

The Gypsey Race was working in Berwick yesterday morning when the crew spotted her clinging to the wall of the pier.

She had been in the harbour for 90 minutes.

They managed to rescue her before coastguards arrived and the woman was transferred to a lifeboat who took her ashore.

Jolene Smith from HM Coastguard said: “The woman fell from Berwick Pier when she was out for an early morning stroll, hoping to catch some photos of dolphins.

“She was in the water for about an hour and a half before the crew of the Gypsey Race noticed her in the water, clinging to the harbour wall and came to her aid.

“She was in a dire situation and the crew undoubtedly saved her life.”

During the rescue, the Gypsey Race became stuck on a sandbank, but she was successfully refloated this morning with help from Berwick and Eyemouth lifeboats.

Jolene Smith added: “I’d like to take this opportunity to remind people to take care near the water or by cliffs when taking photos.

“It’s very easy to get wrapped up in taking the perfect photo, forgetting that you are in a hazardous environment. As the summer comes to an end and opportunities arise to take more photos of spectacular weather conditions, please do be mindful of your own safety and don’t take unnecessary risks.”

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