Traffic wardens ‘may harm trade’

Boyes manager Cherie Fleming believes that overzealous traffic wardens could be affecting trade in the town
Boyes manager Cherie Fleming believes that overzealous traffic wardens could be affecting trade in the town

A LEADING Bridlington business says that the town’s traffic wardens could affect town centre trade.

Cherie Fleming, manager of Boyes in Chapel Street, said that inconsistencies over the way wardens hand out tickets is harmful to trade – after a contractor visiting the store received an “unfair” ticket this week.

The contractor had parked in the loading bay on Chapel Street, close to Boyes’ entrance, after purchasing a Contractors Scratchcard Permit from Bridlington Town Hall last Friday.

Customer services told the contractor, who was delivering and fitting new canopies at Boyes, that he would be fine to use the pass in the loading bay – and was told the same by a traffic warden, or civil enforcement officer, on Friday.

Returning on Monday to finish the job, and after purchasing the same permit, a different officer issued a parking ticket to the contractor’s vehicle.

“I can’t understand how they allowed him to park on Friday with the permit, but then changed their mind and gave him a parking ticket on Monday, leaving us with a £75 bill,” said Cherie.

“It is going to start to affect our trade as we sell furniture and carpets, large items that need to be loaded and unloaded at the Chapel Street entrance.

“If people cannot deliver these items, or customers can’t pick them up, without the fear of a ticket then it is definitely going to harm us. I imagine it will be the same for other businesses as well.”

The debate over parking tickets rages on in the town after the Free Press revealed last month that the council had ticketed more cars in its first month of operation, November, (363), than Humberside Police had ticketed in an entire year (319).

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “The council is unable to talk about individual cases, however any motorist using a temporary parking permit must ensure that the details on the permit are correct and it must be clearly visible. Failure to do this could result in a penalty charge notice being issued as the officer may be unsure as to whether the permit is legitimate. The council continues to take a sensible and balanced approach to civil parking enforcement.”