Traffic wardens can park on double yellow lines

The photo of the traffic warden's van parked on Fort Terrace on Saturday, September 29
The photo of the traffic warden's van parked on Fort Terrace on Saturday, September 29

EAST Riding of Yorkshire Council say legislation allows traffic wardens to park on double yellow lines in Bridlington, if they are carrying out their duties.

This comes after a photo of a council vehicle parked on double yellow lines on Fort Terrace was shared on the Free Press’ Facebook page and sparked a debate over whether the council’s traffic wardens should be allowed to contravene the parking rules they enforce.

The photograph was taken by a Free Press reader and shows a civil enforcement officer’s van parked on double yellow lines at around 6pm on Saturday, September 29.

A spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “Parking enforcement vehicles have an exemption under the local traffic regulation order to the restrictions imposed by double yellow line.

“However this exemption has limitations; the enforcement vehicle can only be exempt for the time period required to observe another vehicle breaking the parking contravention and the time required to issue and serve the relevant penalty charge notice.

“Once this is complete the vehicle has to move on.

“Also as a health and safety issue the enforcement vehicle should be parked to the rear of the offending vehicle to act as a safety barrier between the civil enforcement officer and traffic using the road.”

Debate raged on the Free Press Facebook page with many readers puzzled by the rules.

Heather-Louise Grimley said it was “definitely one rule for one”, while Nick Janney said that the council should “issue themselves a ticket, and the driver to pay the fine, not us council tax payers.”

Helen Burns Evans said that she had received a ticket because the wheels of her car were outside the lines in the harbour car park, but were tight to the barrier to help avoid congestion.

She said: “It cost us £5 in total in phone calls trying to talk to a person not a machine so we gave up and paid the fine.” Some users however defended the council.

Diane Louise Frankish said: “If he had to find a parking space each time which isn’t easy he would never catch the culprit.

“I can’t see this as a problem.”

Kevin Smith said: “I agree that they should get a ticket for parking on a double yellow but so should any vehicle illegally parked. No need to be abusive to them they are only doing a job.”