'We will pay to park outside our homes'

Coun Margaret Chadwick receives the petition from residents of Oxford Street in Bridlington
Coun Margaret Chadwick receives the petition from residents of Oxford Street in Bridlington

Angry residents of Oxford Street want to be able to park outside their homes - and they are willing to pay for the privilege.

They have handed over a petition asking that their road is included in the council’s controlled parking zone - which stops visitors from parking their cars there for more than an hour.

If they get their way, the residents will have to cough up £25 each year for a permit - but they say it is a price worth paying to stop the traffic problems on their doorstep.

Resident Paul Atkinson said: “We are sick to death of it. We don’t expect to be able to park right outside our houses, but we should be able to park on the same street.

“We get people who work at the town hall, the magistrates' court and other nearby businesses leaving their cars on Oxford Street all day, and it becomes gridlocked, especially at the start and end of the school day.

“Moorfield Road car park is not far away but people won’t pay to use it, and laziness stops other people walking further away and walking.”

Oxford Street is the nearest road to town centre not to be included in the zone.

A 12-point petition was presented to East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s enviornment and regeneration overview and scrutiny sub-committee, which met in Beverley last Wednesday.

The residents’ evidence included:

○ Oxford Street is a dead-end road with a main entrance to Quay Academy. The ability to conduct a turn in the road is restricted due to the amount of non- resident vehicles on the road.

The practice of reversing up the street is unsafe and compromises the safety of pedestrians at key school access times.

○ Residents' day-to-day activities are compromised. We have all encountered difficulties with planning any deliveries of goods to our houses often arranging delivery outside of usual working days and hours.

○ Due to recent surgery, one resident’s family struggles were impacted by the lack of parking.

The physical ability needed to move a mobility scooter from their house to the boot of their car was exasperated due to the lack of parking and consideration of commuters.

The petition, which was handed over to the council committee by Coun Margaret Chadwick, also claimed dustbin lorries had problems with access and that a recent police incident when the street had to be evacuated, highlighted how many of the vehicles did not belong to residents.

Local people have campaigned for two years to be included in the CPZ and say they are 'no longer willing to be ignored'.

They said the last review in February claimed the street did not meet all of the relevant criteria but the residents dispute this and have the support of local PCSO Becky Brown.