Shocking photos show damage to Bridlington family's car after bricks thrown off M62 bridge

These shocking photos show the extent of the damage caused after people threw bricks and stones off of a bridge on the M62.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 4:03 pm
Photos by Rachel Hemmingway

The incident happened around junction 33 (Ferrybridge) on the M62 Eastbound

Police received reports of people throwing bricks and stones at cars and lorries driving along the motorway.

They were throwing them from a bridge nearby and from the side of the road.

Photos by Rachel Hemmingway

Five vehicles were confirmed as damaged, including the Hemmingway family's car.

Rachel Hemmingway, 39, from Bridlington, was driving home from visiting family in the area when a brick was thrown at the family's car.

The impact shattered a back window causing the glass to go all over the back seat where her two children were sat.

She said: "We were driving home towards Bridlington when all of a sudden we heard the loudest bang. It was like a gunshot it was so loud.

Photos by Rachel Hemmingway

"At first I thought a tyre had gone but then my son, Jamie, 15, just shouted 'window'.

"The passenger window had totally shattered and the shards of glass had gone all over my son and my daughter, Ellie, 14."

The family contacted the police and husband Keith Hemmingway, 48, drove until he found a safe place to stop at the McDonalds in Goole.

Luckily, as the rear car windows were tinted the brick was not able to fully go through the window.

Photos by Rachel Hemmingway

Mrs Hemmingway said she dreads to think what could have happened if the tint hadn't protected the glass.

The mother-of-four said: "If it had been just seconds earlier when the stone hit, it would have gone straight through the front passenger window, which doesn't have a tint, and hit me.

"My son was right next to the window it did shatter. If it didn't have a tint on it would've gone straight through. With the speed of that stone... I dread to even imagine what could have happened to him.

"It was more shocking than anything. We were all very shook up.

"I believe that if the stone had gone all the way through the window, we would have crashed."

Officers from West Yorkshire Police have branded the incident "reckless" and "irresponsible" and said the actions of the brick throwers could have been life-threatening.

Sam Grodecki of West Yorkshire Police is investigating the offences and said: “This irresponsible and reckless behaviour could easily have resulted in a life-threatening scenario and it is only through sheer luck that nobody was badly injured.

“Their mindless actions on one of the busiest stretches of the regions highways is totally unacceptable and it is important that we trace the individuals responsible.

“I don’t need to spell out what could have happened here, nevertheless, it has left a number of cars and lorries badly damaged and their occupants particularly shook up by their experience."

"If you were driving from the A1 onto the M62 around Knottingley and saw those involved, we would like to hear from you, particularly if you have in-car recording devices that may have captured their identity.”

No suspects were found.

Police are now are appealing for witnesses who saw what happened or who may have information about those responsible to come forward.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 1111.