‘Roadworks ruined our big re-opening’

Funny Onion owner Rob Redshaw
Funny Onion owner Rob Redshaw

A restaurant owner claims his re-opening event was left as ‘a complete mess’ when the entrance to his business was blocked off by roadworks

The Funny Onion in Hilderthorpe Road underwent a refurbishment last month and was set to reopen its doors, when barriers were put up outside the premises - meaning nobody could get in.

The entrance to the pub and restaurant was blocked off by barriers

The entrance to the pub and restaurant was blocked off by barriers

Temporary access was arranged in time for the opening but owner Robert Redshaw was angry about the whole situation – saying his plans had been ‘hindered about as badly as possible’.

He said: “We had spent the last few months planning a refurb and after being closed for about 10 days, we completed, ready for a big reopening.

“When we came in on the Monday of that week, the whole roadworks had suddenly moved to tear up the pavement and road right in front of us.

“Literally the whole pavement from one end to the other was cordoned off, and people had to walk over the other side of the road.

The Funny Onion

The Funny Onion

“We had no access at all because our other doors on Windsor Crescent are not in use any more because the whole bar has been reconfigured to greet people at the front door. That’s actually one of the biggest things we did.

“I immediately contacted council and they put in a walkway to us at the front but the whole thing looked a complete mess. It’s really disappointing.”

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson responded: “The council and its contractor PBS Construction has provided regular updates, both in terms of newsletters and face-to-face meetings, for residents and businesses in the Hilderthorpe Road area of the town during the ongoing Bridlington Integrated Transport Plan Phase 2 works.

“The most recent newsletter about BridITP2, outlining the second and third phases of work in Hilderthorpe Road, was issued at the end of March, with businesses in the area also invited to a meeting with the contractor to discuss the works and raise any issues.

“No representative of the Funny Onion attended the meeting.

“The contractor was aware of the re-opening of the Funny Onion and visited the venue ahead of the event to discuss what arrangements needed to be made.

“It was agreed that pedestrian barriers would be supplied to ensure access to the premises as well as the installation of a temporary footpath surface.

“The council and its contractor are currently on programme with the works taking place in Hilderthorpe Road and completed the improvements to the footpath in front of the Funny Onion over two weeks ago.”

Mr Redshaw said communication has been poor throughout months of roadworks and claimed that he had been given ‘many different answers’ about timescales.

He opened the Funny Onion in 2011 and said: “After nearly a decade, I’m not sure anything has actually been achieved so far – nothing at all.

“All we have is the same road that’s being improved, which so far has over-run and caused chaos.”

“I know if I queued up to get into a seaside town like people have been doing, I would not be rushing back. It’s very damaging and it must be losing more business for the town than all the benefits that the regeneration and money they spend on marketing generates.

“That’s what you call a false economy.”