Person rescued from the water at Bridlington South beach

Bridlington South beach
Bridlington South beach

Three coastguards went into the water to rescue a casualty who had been spotted going into the sea at Bridlington South beach at 1am today.

The team asked for Bridlington inshore lifeboat to launch to help with the emergency, but while it was being prepared the three officers went into the water.

Bridlington coastguards' first job of 2019 was to rescue Ollie the labrador.

The lifeboat arrived on the scene quickly and the casualty was taken back to shore and passed into the care of police and paramedics.

A spokesperson said: "Coastguards are fully trained in water rescue and this incident proves exactly why."

At around 10pm on Saturday, coastguards had received of a 'high risk missing person' who was thought to be in the Sewerby Cliffs area.

Police joined them and a search was carried out along the cliff tops and beach towards Danes Dyke, before the teams received reports that the missing person was no longer in the area.