People power forces changes to bus route

EYMS buses
EYMS buses

Residents in the Kirkgate area of Bridlington are celebrating after EYMS agreed to send buses past their front doors again.

People living in the housing complex near to Bridlington Priory said they felt cut off when timetables were amended last month.

But the bus company has confirmed it is changed its Service 5, who serves the Bempton Lane area.

From next month, alternate journeys will go along Kirkgate, rather than St Mary’s Walk.

It comes after Kirkgate residents called a meeting with EYMS managers to voice their concerns.

Residents representative Felix McCormick said: “People here are very pleased.

“We have had to get a taxi for things like doctor’s appointments, when in the past we had a bus service to and from town, maybe every hour or every hour-and-a-half.

“We have been cut off because the nearest stop was at the top of Jubilee Avenue or or Westgate, and that is too far for some of the older residents to walk.”

The new timetable will come into effect from July 23, with notification given this week to Bridlington Town Council about the change.

Bob Rackley, commercial manager at EYMS, said: “Service 5 runs half-hourly along St Mart’s Walk but we are going to run alternate journeys as a 5A, which means the people living in Kirkgate will have an hourly return service to the town centre.

“It also brings our services closer to people living in High Street.

“We’ll be doing this from the end of the school term.”