One of the most lovely stations in UK

The station buffet at Bridlington as a real trip down memory lane
The station buffet at Bridlington as a real trip down memory lane

They are travelling to all 2,563 railway stations in Great Britain this year - so Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe know what makes a great place to board a train.

And after visiting Bridlington yesterday, they said on social media it is an ‘utter delight’ and ‘in the top 10 of lovely stations’.

The concourse at Bridlington station

The concourse at Bridlington station

The couple are creating an online documentary about their adventure and are posting regular updates from their journeys, which more than a million people have watched on YouTube.

Vicki told the Free Press: “When we arrived we had just under an hour before our next train.

“We had planned to walk down to the beach to take a look at the view and explore the town. However, we didn’t actually end up leaving the station.

“Instead, we spent time enjoying the wonderful flowers and hanging baskets, which we saw being tended too by station staff, and of course could not resist getting a cup of tea and a Tunnocks Tea Cake in the Station Buffet, which we are not shy in saying, is one of the best cafes we’ve seen on the network so far..

“I think it was the original train memorabilia and advertising posters which drew us in, and then we could see the great variety of classic snacks on offer.

“It felt so wonderfully homely and had lots of character. Time flew and we were disappointed when we suddenly realised that we had leave and get back on the train.

“Thanks for giving us such a warm welcome Bridlington, we will definitely be coming back.”

You can follow their journeys on social media by searching for AllTheStations.