Hundreds object to coach park plan

Campaigners gathered last week to show their disapproval
Campaigners gathered last week to show their disapproval

Protestors who are trying to stop plans to move Bridlington’s coach park to the clifftops have stepped up their actions.

More than 500 people have signed the online version of a petition started by the Keep Limekiln Green group, but hundreds more have been collected from door-to-door calls by campaigners.

Stephen Banks and Helen Burton are leading the campaign

Stephen Banks and Helen Burton are leading the campaign

East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants to move the current coach park in Hilderthorpe Road, so that land can be redeveloped.

Stephen Banks is leading the campaign against the move. He said: “It’s ridiculous to try and put an industrial coach park on that site. Anyone who knows how beautiful it is will agree and it is not going to help anybody

“It’s at the wrong side of town, on roads which are already congested, so it won’t be safe.

“They are trying to rush it through and we are not going to stop fighting until this is stopped. If enough people object, that has to affect the planning process.”

The online petition says the plans will create noise, light and air pollution in an area which organisers say is ‘one of the few naturally beautiful areas in Bridlington that remains unspoilt’.

Nigel Atkinson, head of Bridlington Renaissance, said: “The council held a pre-planning exhibition at the beginning of May and received a lot of feedback on its plans, which include a new access, an improved surface for coach parking, lighting, drainage and landscaping.

“When complete, the alterations would accommodate up to 30 coaches.

“The council is aware of some concerns raised by local people in respect to location, traffic and congestion, landscaping, the possibility of increased pollution and the potential for antisocial behaviour.

“As the council continues its work to boost the economy of Bridlington for the benefit of its residents and for visitors to the town, a replacement coach parking facility is required to release the current site on Hilderthorpe Road for redevelopment as identified in the Bridlington Area Action Plan.”

He said the route to Limekiln Lane had been tested butprotestors insist the park and ride site at Wilsthorpe is a better and safer alternative..