Disruption as railway bridge is inspected

Bridlington railway station
Bridlington railway station

Engineers will work through the night to complete a pain-staking inspection of a footbridge over the railway line in Bridlington.

The project will start at around midnight on Saturday, December 16 at the crossing which links Georgian Way and Bessingby Industrial Estate.

The team will be checking the condition of the structure and can only carry out the work when trains on the line have finished running for the day.

It will take several hours to complete and people living nearby have been warned they could be disturbed by the noise and lights.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “This is a routine inspection that our civil engineering team has to carry out on bridges of this kind every six years.

“It is a very detailed inspection and will involve engineers checking over every inch of the bridge by hand, and it will take several hours.

“The work has to be carried out when no trains are running, which is why we need to do it overnight, and the footbridge will be closed to all pedestrians.

“There may be some slight noise caused by the setting up of some tower scaffolding, and powerful lights will be used during the work. But our engineers will do all they can to keep any disturbance to a minimum and we want to thank residents in advance for their patience.”

If anyone has any queries about the work, they are asked to contact the Civil Engineering team within the Infrastructure and Facilities department at County Hall in Beverley.