Councillor calls for school bus as footbridge will close for months

Train at Bridlington station
Train at Bridlington station

A dangerous railway footbridge in Bridlington will be dismantled and replaced, work which will take nine months.

That has led to a local councillor insisting that a school bus is provided for children living on the West Hill estate.

Cllr David Robson

Cllr David Robson

Civil engineers from East Riding of Yorkshire Council carried out a routine inspection overnight earlier in December and found significant signs of wear and tear with the structure of the bridge, which links Georgian Way and Bessingby Industrial Estate.

The team said they have no choice but to shut the bridge to pedestrians for safety reasons from Monday, January 8.

It will be dismantled and a new one will be put in place.

Dave Waudby, head of infrastructure and facilities at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “We apologise to residents for the inconvenience of this footbridge being closed, but we have to put the safety of the public first.

“We will endeavour to have the new footbridge in place as soon as possible but because it is over a working railway line this will take some months to complete and will have to be done with the cooperation of Network Rail.

“Our plan is to have the new bridge operational by October 2018.”

However, Cllr David Robson, who represents Bridlington South ward, has been researching the history of the footbridge and wants some help for parents.

He told the Free Press: “The footbridge was constructed circa 1960, to connect West Hill Estate parents to Hilderthorpe School.

“Prior to this, two buses were provided by the Anfield Bus Company, to take children back and forth to the school.

“This was a legal requirement because of the walking distance involved and the same rule applies now.

“Therefore, I will be asking the Education Department to arrange for bus travel to be introduced with immediate effect, as the bridge is to be closed at the beginning of school term and it will be demolished and the new bridge will not be in place for nine months.

“Network Rail would insist on a replacement for a dangerous structure over their line.

“Not all parents will have transport and therefore it would not be right for them to pay for taxis over a period of nine months.”