Buses delayed by up to an hour with Bridlington 'at a standstill'

EYMS buses
EYMS buses

Gridlock in Bridlington town centre is causing serious disruption to public transport this afternoon.

EYMS has Tweeted: "Roadworks on A614 causing huge queues, and the town is at a standstill.

"Services 121/45 are being delayed by up to an hour, and town buses also badly affected. We're going to send 121/45 via Kingsgate/Moor Road to try to keep them moving."

Earlier it has said the resurfacing work at Bessingby was causing long queues.

On Saturday afternoon, the queues to get out of Tesco's car park were so bad, police were called to direct traffic and help with the traffic flow.

Cars are unable to turn left because parts of Hilderthorpe Road are closed.

Parts of the town centre will be closed from tonight for resurfacing.