Bridlington regeneration update: Bridge opens and coach park is full

Regeneration bosses say the new bridge will shorten the circular route around the town centre by 60%.
Regeneration bosses say the new bridge will shorten the circular route around the town centre by 60%.

Bridlington’s multi-million pound regeneration projects have enjoyed two milestones this week.

The new Beck Hill bridge, which links Hilderthorpe Road and Prospect Street, opened to traffic for the first time on Saturday.

Once hand rails and safety barriers have been fitted over the next couple of weeks, the bridge will be opened to pedestrians.

Nigel Atkinson, head of Bridlington Renaissance, said: “With the busy summer season now underway in Bridlington, both the council and its contractor (PBS Construction) aimed to open the new Beck Hill Bridge - part of the multi-million-pound second phase of the Bridlington Integrated Transport Plan - to traffic.

“Over the weekend, the bridge saw the first vehicles crossing it and using the new route to Prospect Street, North Street, Chapel Street, Manor Street and Bridge Street from Hilderthorpe Road and New Beck Hill.

“This route shortens town centre journeys by around 60% and helps to ease congestion and improve traffic flow in the area.

“During the coming weeks, the council and its contractor will be working on the final elements of the bridge’s construction including the parapets, safety barriers and handrails which will then mean the bridge can open to pedestrians as well.”

Meanwhile, last Wednesday, the new clifftop coach park on Limekiln Lane was full to capacity for the first time since it opened in April.

Mr Atkinson said: “Since the opening of the new coach parking provision at Limekiln Lane earlier this year, the council has seen a steady increase in the number of enquiries from coach operators and in the number of vehicles using the facility, with many operators now using the pre-booking service operated by Bridlington Tourist Information Centre.

“The council constructed space for 30 coaches at Limekiln Lane in order to provide a maximum capacity that was based on the highest daily demand experienced in the past few years and the site reached this threshold last week for the first time and, with the glorious weather set to continue, it is unlikely to be the last time during the summer.

“The council would therefore encourage coach operators to take advantage of the council’s pre-booking offer by contacting the Bridlington TIC on 01482 391634.”