Bridlington Lifeboat helps stranded French sailor

Bridlington Lifeboat
Bridlington Lifeboat

A French yachtsman, who was heading home from Edinburgh, got into difficulty off the Yorkshire coast.

Seahorse suffered equipment failure on Sunday morning and the skipper called the UK for help.

Two of his halyards snapped, leaving him with only his mainsail, 11 miles South East of Bridlington.

With the wind blowing at force 4/5, he was only able to make a little headway, so the Bridlington all-weather lifeboat Antony Patrick Jones launched at 11am.

The lifeboat made good speed to the Seahorse was carefully put alongside the yacht, enabling crewman Andy Rodgers to get onboard.

He was able to help set up a tow and stow away the loose sails and ropes, before the yacht was towed safely to Bridlington.