‘Break the mould’ if we want change

Steve Banks, pictured with fellow protestor Helen Burton, says Bridlington residents were treated like a 'sub species' at the planning meeting
Steve Banks, pictured with fellow protestor Helen Burton, says Bridlington residents were treated like a 'sub species' at the planning meeting

A campaign group which was set up to try to block plans to move Bridlington’s coach park to the clifftops has said the fight must go on.

The Keep Limekiln Green group said it needs strength in numbers if it is to achieve anything, and it wants people to get up from behind their computer keyboards.

Campaigners pictured at Limekiln Lane

Campaigners pictured at Limekiln Lane

Organiser Steve Banks said actions speak louder than words on Facebook or signatures on petitions.

He said: “I want 10,000 people to march on County Hall in Beverley. We have got to break the mould.

“The next thing, there is going to be a park and ride on that site, and then a hotel.

“We won’t be able to stop it unless we do something now. We need direct action or it will keep happening, maybe we should stop paying Council Tax or something.

“If there are enough people, we can change this. Stand united against it, peacefully.

“If the groundswell of opinion is big enough, things can change.”

Despite opposition from Bridlington Town Council, several county councillors, Bridlington Civic Society and hundreds of residents, the plan to move the coach park from Hilderthorpe Road to Limekiln Lane was approved last Thursday.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s planning committee voted by nine to three to give the scheme the green light. That was despite more than 50 letters of objection from Bridlington residents, compared to just two in favour.

Steve added: “After witnessing the process as it stands, nothing we can do will make any difference.

“The current system is corrupted - it doesn’t matter what Bridlington wants, they (the council) will come up with the decision they want.

“They said Bridlington people never want progress, as if we are some sort of sub species. They talk about us as if we don’t matter.

“Of course, we are up for improving Bridlington, if it doesn’t rob us of the Yorkshire coast. When people think of home, that’s what they think of.”

A number of East Riding councillors who are not on the planning committe had gone to the meeting in Beverley to speak against the proposals or show support for the campaigners.

Cllr Malcolm Milns said he was ‘absolutely gutted’.

“People know where it is, it’s handy for the town centre and the harbour, and the area round the railway station is designed as a transport hub, but they are moving the park and ride away from here. It is absolutely barmy,” he said.

Cllr Shelagh Finlay added: “I was disappointed that the councillors who proposed a site visit to enable the committee to be more informed on the issues relating to this application were voted down and that approval was given, despite the views of so many residents and visitors to Bridlington.”