Town's facilities are in a sad state

Bridlington Hospital.
Bridlington Hospital.

It was not too good in weather when I visited Bridlington last Monday. There was only an increase in tourists as the children were off school.

But there were many shops closed down or closing down, it makes me sadder every time I visit.

The hospital still looks unhappy as the patients are having to go well out of town for treatment, for a resort of a population of its size it’s disgusting.

Many of the people living there are elderly and in an emergency having to travel to Hull or north to Scarborough in an ambulance, not to forget the visitors coming for the week or for the day who can’t get urgent treatment in a resort of this size, it really puts you off from coming for the day. But no one cares until they are in a major incident, which could happen anytime and then who knows?

David Treacher
Nelson Road